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What's paragliding

Paragliding Glossary


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1. Paragliding and its basic equipment

 What is paraglider?
It is a device that can fly at the speed of 20-45Km/h on the ascending current without any power system. It was created with the combination of hang gliding’s L/D ratio and a parachute’s safety.
1) The basic equipment

(1) Canopy
It refers to a wing that functions as the wings of a bird or airplane, enabling a non-power gliding with lift created by a certain weight and speed of air.

2) Harness
It is a device that is connected to the canopy to secure and attach a pilot to the paraglider. A shock-absorbing device or backbone protector is built in the harness to protect a pilot’s body. A pilot’s necessities, such as a container bag and a parachute, can be loaded onto it.
3) Helmet
ike all of other sports, a helmet is required to enjoy paragliding. It is dangerous to bump into the ground or a tree in case of collapse or failure to take off or land.
4) A radio (walkie-talkie)
Both a beginner and an expert need a radio. A beginner should have it to be in smooth communication with an instructor, and an expert needs it for safety with other members when flying.

5) Paragliding suit

A paragliding suit is needed to maintain a pilot’s body temperature, for when gliding up to the sky, you should bear in mind that the sky temperature is lower than the ground temperature. Also, your skin needs to be protected in case of collapse or failure to take off or land.
And accessories for paragliding are a suit, globes, goggles, and paragliding shoes. The suit is necessarily to be a one-piece type and be good at waterproof, windproof, and thermal insulation.

6)The reserve parachute?,
Severe turbulence in flight or on behalf of paralysis due to para-glide more of its functions during times of normal flight
Safely be used in order to fall
Says that an emergency parachute. In general, the harness is attached to the outside of the emergency
If you open a reserve parachute throw away chaeeoseo grip to hold it unfolds.

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