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What's paragliding

Paragliding Glossary


 Tandem fliying



 How get to Ulasn


Type and grade, prices of the canopy

1. A canopy is made for a basic, basic-intermediate, intermediate, intermediate-advanced, advanced, and competition classes. Its size is X/Small, Small, S/Medium, Middle, M/Large, and Large size.

2. The reason for this various production is for safety that is secured when a canopy is selected depending on one’s controlling capacity.
3. The differences between a basic, advanced,
and competition classes consist in the differences of the span and chord.
This refers to a difference in the vertical-horizontal ratio. The more the ratio increases, the higher a glider’s speed goes and its possibility of collapse becomes.
Each pilot should thus select a glider according to each own capability.
 4. Finally, a tandem designed for two people. Its size is 38, 40, and 42, and can cover 120kg-250kg at one flight.
So a pilot and a paragliding beginner can enjoy a trial flight safely.
 There are above each canopy olso the price is 3.3 ~ 4.8 million won if you want buy
used one it's will be 1.5 ~ 2.5 million won only canopy

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