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Tandem fliying
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What's paragliding

Paragliding Glossary


 Tandem fliying



 How get to Ulasn


Besides, the following accessories are necessary further for flying.
1. Ballast bag
Its weight should be adjusted for weather conditions, and it should be good to put and check a compass or a vario gauge on it at all times.

Prices , about 60,000~120,000won

2. Container bag
It is used to contain all paragliding equipment for convenient movement.
Prices , about 60.000~80,000won

3. Vario case is a compulsory item, for it is attached to or detached from a ballast bag.

Prices , about 20,000~30,000 won

4. Globes should always be put on for protecting hands.
  Golf globes are usually proper, yet ski globes are better in winter.

 it's combinesd vario and GPS
it's price to expensive(1,350,000 won)
 so you can use smart phone after download
GPS and vario programs

5. A radio (walkie-talkie) needs to be put in the case and attached to a pilot’s body to be in smooth communication with an instructor or other members when flying.

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