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[1] Ground Handling

This is the practice of controlling the paraglider while a paragliding beginner equipped with all required devices remains grounded and learns the whole process of takeoff.
There are two ways of takeoff: a forward launch and a backward launch

 1. Forward Launch

The pilot unfolds and places the canopy 90 degrees to the wind, puts the risers on his arms as seen in this image, grips the A riser, and goes forward just like a bird starts flying.
At this moment, air is put into the canopy intake and is compressed, and lift is created to keep the canopy overhead.
As the canopy appears to be at 80 degrees to the ground, the pilot should release the A riser and run forward with the chest downward.
As the pilot runs faster, the lift of the canopy becomes higher, and this makes the pilot fly higher in the sky.

2. Backward Launch
The pilot also unfolds and places the canopy facing into the wind and turns around backward, that is, toward the canopy, passing the riser over your head. The pilot grips the suspension lines with two hands, takes the both sides of the A riser in one hand, and goes backward and lifts the riser over your head.
As the canopy is also at 80 degrees to the ground, the pilot should release the A riser and have right-to left controls with the suspension lines.
When the control is done, the canopy is normally placed over the head, and lift is created,
it is time for the pilot to turn around forward and run forward. The paraglider is then launched.

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