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1. After checking the accurate setting and the status of a pilot’s radio, a glider can take off with the approval of the principal of the school or an instructor.

A beginner can be at a loss about flying due to fear and anticipation and thus needs to take off in a comfortable position, just as is in ground training.

Be sure to keep your eyes forward, to listen to your radio, and not to lose your direction.
It is all right if you listen to your instructor’s control from your radio.

2. A right turn is made by moving your weight to the right and pulling the right-side control line at the same time. When the instructor says ‘straight,’ then you release the line and return the weight to its original position.

3. If you have a flight by following the instructor’s control, you are already going down close to the landing spot.
You need to lower the landing altitude by making flight shape ‘8,’ 100m or 300m above and behind the landing spot.
At this time, the pilot figures out by repeatedly looking at the landing spot if he can approach it.
When entering into the landing spot, around 10-20m in altitude, pull your hip off the harness, stand up and have a pose of running forward. Draw the brake lines slowly at 1-2m high and make a landing.

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