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Training Fees
Because one’s ability and understanding is different from another, and because the periods of all the training are determined by the number of one’s attendance, it is difficult to say that several days of training is enough to have a free flight by oneself.
At least 100 times of flights seem to enable a trainee to have a free flight
Therefore, trainees should avoid too much confidence but be familiar with flights with the help and correction of an instructor. They are then ready to have a free flight with the approval of principal of the school.

2. While the fees of a tandem flight and training for a beginner vary at each school, Ulsan Paragliding School’s training fee is 0 won for as unlimited flights as you want.
Yet please note that canopy rental is restricted to 3-5 months, or 10-20 times of flights.
In doing so, we can have new students, and trainees are recommended to have their own canopies,
which enable them to have much training and be familiar with ground practices as soon as possible.

3. Our training fees: Tandem Flight    


4. Please note daily fees to be paid.
Daily fees means here a delivery fee for moving to a mountain or a training site, including the meal cost.
The fees are 0 won or 0 won.

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