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Ulsan Paragliding Experience Consent


1, The flight may have possibility of safety accidents due to unpredictable weather changes, therefore, Ulsan Paragliding School is insured through Hyundai Maritime & Fire Insurance (Hyundai Maritime & Fire Insurance Certificate)

2, There may be concerns of blood circulatory disorder from the flight that may result in heart attack, vertigo and vomit, therefore, those with cardiovascular disease or under treatment of mental or psychiatric illnesses such as panic disorder must inform and discuss with the pilot in advance. Those with severe symptoms are not allowed to attend to the flight.

3, Medication of prohibited drugs (alcohol, narcotics, etc.) must be notified in advance, and those attending the flight without notifying the administration of drugs in advance cannot receive the compensation in the case of flight accidents.

4, The damages occurred due to independent behaviors apart from the pilot’s instructions are responsible to one’s cause, therefore, any compensation for such damages cannot be received.

5, In the case of any injury or accidents after the safety training of experience flight, the compensation is enabled only in actual medical expense, and other medical expenses are not paid (However, when the medical expense is 3 million Won or higher, the insurance company may compensate partially.)

6, In the case of having problems in shooting the video due to camera error, the video cost (20,000 Won) will be refunded.

7, Any loss, damage or contamination from dirt and dust, etc. on the customer’s belongings (shoes, glasses, mobile phone, clothes, wallet, etc.) during the flight are not compensated.

8, For any videos acknowledged to be portrait rights, the person participating in the experience agrees on the company using the portrait right. (However, when it is considered that exposing in internet is inappropriate and the person requests for removal, the relevant video will be removed within 2 days.)


I hereby agree to the terms stated above, and applied for experience flight.



Year: Month: Day:

Passport No. :

Mobile Phone No. :


Drugs & Medication (Y/N):

Address or Country:

Agreement on Collection of Personal Information (Signature , )

Pilot Name:


Ulsan Paragliding School, Instructo Sang-cheon, Lee:

1. What is the tandem for two people?

It refers to a flight with two or three people on a canopy.
It is a flight that a beginner can enjoy with awareness of several precautions in the spot, that is, in the gliding port because a disciplined pilot accompanies the flight.

2. You can take a photo or video on you flight with a wide-angle lens Gopro camera installed at the end of the stick.
We will mailing your leader a DVD or CD that
containsimages, the original version of videos,
and edited ones.

3. The time of flight cannot be decided as accurately as the case of a train or bus tour because paragliding depends purely on the wind of nature without an engine. It depends on the conditions of weather or rising air.
Thus, it is fortunate if you have a nice flight for a longer time, but some of you may or may not have such a flight.
Please take this into consideration and do not complain about it.
We hope that you are dependent on natural winds.

4. You can make application for a tandem by telephone, and it will be appreciated if you make a reservation and then complete the payment.
This is because priority is given to another customer who has completed payment unless you do not make a reservation
Our phone number and account number are below in the section of our address
Ulsan Paraschool will do its best to satisfy customers’ tours.

Thanks you.



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